My outdoor work is akin to skateboarding or free running letting my pent up energy be channeled into something random and physical. The reclamation of space, the opportunity to paint bugged out cartoon animals on a grand scale reminding us it’s not just about us and our obsession with property value’, says Rowdy. Probably best known for painting Crocodiles often alongside his Crew – Burning Candy, insists it’s more than just a few Crocs at steak in this short film ‘ Bling lifestyles  in part  leading to the degradation of certain areas in our Cities, Public Transport, Agitation and State Control or lack of it were some of the issues I wanted to look at.’

While Thetreatmentworks says ‘You never know where you are going to get your inspiration from, in this case it was Street Art, it also gave me the chance to use After Effects in a completely different way than I have previously.’

Black Cab To Rehab: 3 minutes 1 Second.
Is the first in a series of cartoon animations in collaboration with Thetreatmentworx – Part of the Creative Urban Industries Group, answering the question as to what could happen if your city became over run with Crocodiles!

Get a Proper Job: 6 minutes 55 Second.
Our hero Pete Jaundice raises his head above the parapet as he bowls around Polucalopolis under the vail of night trying to earn a few measly bucks, questioning societies ills, defying authority in the land of the estranged


Beyond Cosmos
Rowdy’s house just burned to the ground, he lost everything—all his worldy possessions, including his art and his direction. But he still can still create street art for solace; Rowdy likes to paint on big boulders and dump them in public places so the local community can enjoy them. Searching for new inspiration amid the chaos, Rowdy realises he has an ancient artistic connection on the other side of the world. He sets off to the Australian outback to meet the Aboriginal artists whose ancestors have been painting rocks for thousands of years.